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Theatrical Contact Lenses

Up until recently, the only people to wear special-effect contacts were actors on stage or in the movies. Now practically anyone can buy colored contacts or theatrical contact, with or without a corrective prescription. Anyone already using eye glasses or contacts can have prescription theatre-lenses custom made by an optometrist. And if you're just looking for a one-time affair, you can get non-prescription contacts after a simple eye examination by an eye practitioner. Today the range of options is almost endless and every Halloween new models come into the market. There are cat eyes and tiger eyes , jaguar eyes that are metallic in color or solidly colored opaque lenses. There are animal prints, brightly colored patterns , fluorescent colors, spirals or graphic images such as batman, spaceships and other oddities. There is even a new novelty market for sports leagues or various varsities that have custom made logos designed onto contact lenses for special events or sporting events.

Theatrical Contact Lenses

Like colored contact, theatrical and special effect contacts also have serious disadvantages and can cause problems if not given with a prescription, by an accredited eye practitioner and fitted and worn properly. This means that anyone buying this kind of lens from a regular store and without appropriate supervision is exposing themselves to eye infections and other complications. You should never buy special effect contact lenses at any store that doesn't ask you for a valid prescription from an eye care professional. It is also illegal in the U.S and certainly not approved by the FDA . As with colored lenses, people tend to swap theatrical contacts and very often they aren't cleaned and disinfected properly between uses. Bacteria-swapping isn't only unpleasant- it could lead to serious inflammations and even blindness,, abrasions, and infections. Don't sleep or swim while wearing them and remember to clean them regularly. Your eye-care practitioner to explain the proper care regimen for special effect lenses.


There are currently no reviewed contact lenses in this category. If you would like to suggest a listing, please contact us.

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