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Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses can change your eye color while improving your vision, or you can use coloured contacts just for changing eye colour without vision correction. A soft contact lense is made of a very soft plastic material making it both comfortable and fun to wear.

These soft contact lenses can be worn as extended wear or one week disposable wear or they can be worn as daily wear for up to two weeks before being discarded.

Found 18 contact lenses of this type
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Acuvue Colours Opaques Contact LensesAcuvue Colours Opaques
CibaSoft SoftColors Contact LensesCibaSoft SoftColors
Clearly Colors Contact LensesClearly Colors
Expressions Accents Contact LensesExpressions Accents
Expressions Colors  Contact LensesExpressions Colors
Flosi Contact LensesFlosi
Focus 1-2 Week SoftColors Contact LensesFocus 1-2 Week SoftColors
Focus Monthly SoftColors Contact LensesFocus Monthly SoftColors
Freshlook Colorblends Contact LensesFreshlook Colorblends
Freshlook Colorblends Toric  Contact LensesFreshlook Colorblends Toric
Freshlook Colors Contact LensesFreshlook Colors
Freshlook Dimensions  Contact LensesFreshlook Dimensions
Freshlook Radiance Contact LensesFreshlook Radiance
Hydro 2 Contact LensesHydro 2
Impressions Colors Contact LensesImpressions Colors
LifeStyle Multifocal GP  Contact LensesLifeStyle Multifocal GP
Natural Touch Contact LensesNatural Touch
Ocusil Contact LensesOcusil

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