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  Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes Cause, Symptoms and Treatment

Introduction to Type 1 Diabetes

A study revealed that about 20 millions in USA alone suffered from Type 1 Diabetes. Although this can be developed at any stage but normally it's found in young cases. On an average one out of 400 to 600 young people in USA alone suffered from Diabetes type 1.


There is no cure for Diabetes Type 1, but scenario is far better that what it was 20 years back. Type 1 Diabetes is still a curse but due to development of advance educational material, Blood monitoring tools, Insulin delivery tools helps managing their disease with much comfort. Thanks to these advance solutions even the life expectancy has increased than what it was 20 years back.

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes

Normally symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes appear after flue and intensify gradually within a week. Some typical such symptoms are:

Excessive thirst and increased urination : In type 1 diabetes excessive sugar stays in blood that's pulls water from your body which creates thirst within you. The excessive sugar also passes through kidneys into your urine. Thus making you more thirsty and increased urination.

Excessive Hunger : In type 1 Diabetes there are no insulin made which is necessary to pour extra sugar into your body cells. Your extra sugar stays into the blood making your muscles energy exhausted which triggers to more hunger. You eat, eat and eat just fill your stomach but hunger never end since all the sugar stays within the blood and never transmitted into body cells.

Loss of Weight : As hunger never ends blood sugar never utilized for muscles making leaving you with more and more weight loss.

Fatigue : When your body cells are lack of glucose or sugar you tired early causing fatigue.

Causes of type 1 diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes characterized by no insulin or with little insulin. This is happens because of immune system in the body which fights against viruses or harmful bacteria this immune system attacked and destroyed cells which produces insulin in pancreas located near stomach. This immune system also attack on different tissues, which occurs in number of other disease known as auto immune disease. It has been proven by research that genetic factors and diet all these are involved in handling auto immune disease.

All the correct reasons are still unknown but some inherited characteristics increase this risk some of these are:

Genetic : If any of your parents is suffering from Type 1 Diabetes you are at greater to be infected with it.

Race : Diabetes of any type is found more commonly in Americans and Europeans.

Treatment of type 1 diabetes

Treatment of type 1 diabetes is for lifetime. The objective in its treatment is to maintain the sugar level at closest to normal. By following this you can prevent short-term complications and avoid or delayed long complications.

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