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  Nonprescription Sunglasses

Nonprescription Sunglasses

What are non-prescription sunglasses?

Trendy and designer-wear sunglasses are the latest chill-out mantra. People find no other accessory to beat the heat better except a cool pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are the best source to ward off the harmful ultraviolet rays from hitting your delicate eyes. Good quality sunglasses besides being a perfect fashion statement, offer your eyes complete protection from sunlight.

Apart from protection from ultraviolet rays, sunglasses are a necessity for some people. For instance the blind and patients of conjunctivitis wear sunglasses or smoked spectacles to hide their eyes from other people. Similarly people with weak eyes are advised by doctors to wear goggles with specific kinds of lenses. So the spectacles purchased on the basis of prescription by opticians or eye practitioners are prescribed sun spectacles. And the sunglasses purchased without any such prior advice by doctors are nonprescription sunglasses. Nonprescription sunglasses count on style as well as eye care.

Hot Picks in sunglasses

The latest in the world of sunshades

The market for nonprescription sunglasses is at a rise. This zone is flooded with renowned brands such as Gucci, Armani, Versace, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Britney Spears etc. From distinguished fashion designers, celebrities to top companies, many have successfully made it to the sunglasses biz. With colorful shades and exclusive designs each brand has notched success. From appealing lenses to beautiful frames, there is everything one would yearn for.

Some contemporary designs in the sunglasses include rimless and semi-rimless goggles in which a wire or a plastic thread holds the lenses. In this there are some outstanding shapes of lenses which are never seen before. Sunglass manufacturers are coming with jewels and rhinestones on the temples or fronts that shoots the price and glamour of the piece. Moreover the sunglasses that are high on fashion are quite inn these days. These glasses known as ‘elegant streetwear' are the talk of the town.

What's popular and where?

Some preferred choices in sunglasses.

Though there are a variety of shapes and styles in nonprescription sunglasses yet people belonging to different categories have different choices. For instance the Onassis sunglasses are one amongst most preferred choice for women. These glasses are very large and provide extra protection from the sun. Similarly the Aviators have become quite popular with the pilots and military people. Aviators are sunglasses with a dark lens, a large teardrop lens shape and thin metal frame. The mirrorshades or the sunglasses with mirror coating on the surface are the favorite of American police officers and that is why these are also known as ‘cop shades'. The sports devotees target the ‘Wraparounds'. Wraparound basically refers to a kind of frame which curves around from the head, from front to the side to offer maximum protection from sun. Moreover the Wayfarers sunshades that were introduced in 1950 by Ray-Ban are till date adored for their wonderful design.

Sunglass materials

What materials are sunshades made up of?

Besides a variety of lenses the sunglass frames are also made of different materials. The sunshade frames made up of plastic are usually known as zyl. The frames are also made of basic metal and a combination of metals such as titanium, aluminum and stainless steel. Nowadays sunglasses are also coming with frames made up of both plastic as well as metal. These frames provide strength and unique look to the sunshade

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