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Sunglasses are not all about glamour and a means to look trendy. These glasses duly serve the purpose they were invented for i.e. protecting an individual's eyes from the most harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, dust particles and other micro-organisms roaming around freely in air and are therefore a real aid in visual comfort and clarity. Sunshades are immensely important for those who suffer from a visual impairment. For instance people who are myopic, who can neither undergo a surgery due to financial constraints nor can adapt themselves to wearing contact lenses, wear sunglasses for it lends an absolutely different vision to them. Every time they move out with their sun spectacles, they can see things in a changed manner.

Sunglasses are an ideal source to conceal an individual's emotions as well as the dark circles under his/ her eyes. Unlike normal specs, sunglasses are thick and dark. So acting as a veil, these glasses do not allow other people to a person's eyes. Besides the blind people and patients of conjunctivitis wear smoked spectacles to not to parade the problem with their eyes.
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