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Reviewed Contact Lenses Online Store
Vision DirectThis online contact lenses store is rated 7 out of 10

Vision Direct

Vision Direct contact lenses online stores screenshot
VisionDirect is one of the largest, most established distributors. They offer a lot of information and even provide support in Spanish. Users have their own account, where they can track past orders and pending orders. They offer special contact lenses deals on their home page, which are regularly updated.

As one of the largest distributors, they can pass on substantial discounts to their customers. Over 90% of the lenses they supply are in stock and dispatched within one business day.

They have high quality products at affordable prices. Some of their suppliers are: Boston, Ciba Vision, Crazy Lenses, American Hydron, Johnson & Johnson, Wesley Jessen, Bausch & Lomb.

They have an easy site to navigate and a professional staff to answer questions.
  Vision Direct special features:
24/7 support
International Orders
Online tracking system
Product search engine
Toll Free Phone

Vision Direct shipping methods:
First Class Air
International Shipping
Priority Next Day Air
Standard Ground
Standard Next Day Air

Vision Direct payment options:
American Express
Diners Card
Discover Card

Vision Direct Contact Information
Toll Free 1-800 VisionDirect (847-4663)
International 1-902-492-4352
Fax 1-800-796-2111

Vision Direct Contact lenses types:
Daily Disposable
1-2 Week Disposable
Monthly Disposable
Toric Contact Lenses
Colored Contact Lenses
Gas Premeable Contacts
Vial Contact Lenses

Vision Direct manufacturers:
OSI/American Hydron
Bausch and lomb
Johnson and Johnson
Ciba Vision

Vision Direct languages:

Contact Lenses Online Stores
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