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Using regular eyeware

  Using regular eyeware

Regular eye-wear isn't designed for sport:

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that regular eye-wear, such as sunglasses, can be worn during sport activities and that these will protect your eyes. But sunglasses, prescription glasses and even regular store-bought industrial safety glasses aren't designed for sport activities.

They are not designed to hold securely to the head or protect the face area properly from side-angles. Sports-wear glasses, on the other hand, are made to a different standard than regular glasses; they are built and designed to withstand force and pressure, they are far less inclined to break from the impact if they fall to the ground and they are designed to break cleanly, without shattering

. Regular eye-wear in this case could really do more harm than good, as these tend to bend easily even from simple exposure to heat or shatter completely and thus possibly causing injury to the eyes and face. Sports goggles are prepared in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Many are designed for racquet sports, such as tennis, and some are available for basketball, volley ball or soccer. Some are even designed to fit in helmets used for football, hockey and baseball .


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