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  The Importance

The importance of protecting your eyes:

All ball games pose a potential for eye injuries and all fat moving games require some eye protection, even if they aren't contact sports. From children to adults, from amateurs and professionals, protecting your eyes while playing sports has become mandatory in some fields and simply necessary in others.

Sports goggles are now an accepted item of sports wear, just as much as helmets and face shields are in contact sports. It reduces the risk of eye damage, frees up the player from not following through a movement because they needed to protect their eyes and it allows the players to see well.

In handball, the use of goggles has long been a common occurrence, but in the past, non-prescription players merely wore goggles with small openings for the lenses, instead of real polycarbonate lenses for protection and many were injured during games. Despite its relatively small size, the sheer speed of the ball in motion and the density of it were enormous factors in its potential for causing hurt and these injuries could have been prevented with proper eye-wear. Today lack of any goggles in this game is clearly reckless and goggles with no real lenses are strongly disapproved of.

In children's sports, such as Little League, protective eye-wear is also mandatory and children aren't allowed to participate if they aren't protected. Even so, every year there are reports of eye injuries that were received during a sport activity or event, and many could have been easily prevented with the use of some protective eye-wear. The CPSC- Consumer Product Safety Commission- reported an estimated thirty eight thousand cases of eye-injuries due to sport in the U.S on a yearly basis. This has become one of the fastest growing industries in sports wear, providing simpler items for hobbyists and amateurs and more high-tec and expensive items for professional athletes who want to better their game.


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