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  Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles:

Swimming goggles are designed to close around the eyes, hermetically sealing off any possibility of water seeping into the mask.

They are made of rubber that clings to the skin and the lenses are made of regular ophthalmic plastic, the polycarbonate used in other sport goggles, or in acrylic or glass. Polycarbonate is considered the best protection against accidental eye-jabs or other impact injuries.

Unlike diving masks, swimming goggles are built small and compact, as swimming is usually for professional competitions that measure speed and anything bulkier would only create more resistance in the water; slowing down the swimmer. Sleek, minimal designs are important to this sport, as is a perfect fit.

For anyone who needs corrective lenses, swimming goggles are available with prescription options. Contact lenses shouldn't pose a problem, but it's important to buy goggles that seal tightly, as microscopic water organisms get inside the lens and can lead to eye infections or other medical problems. If you don't have contacts, then a prescription mask is necessary and commonly available.


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