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  Specialized eye-consultations

Specialized eye-consultations:

Specific exams that are sports-oriented are far more extensive and they not only test your eyesight while standing static, but also your eyesight while in motion. Evaluating your reactions to the movement of a ball or other players is extremely beneficial to understanding where improvements can be made. At first, all eye exams begin with rudimentary testing, such as you would expect to receive in any eye-exam. Later on, the consultation includes specialized tests as well, including an extensive examination of your daily activities and sports-related needs, if you have any. Three-dimensional holographic light projections test your reaction to seemingly real-life images and your ability to perceive depth and proportions, special slide viewers are used to examine vision in motion, your muscular reactions are examined and timed accurately and finally you are examined while in play to measure actual on-field reactions.



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