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  Special Features

Special features in shooting glasses :

Shooting lenses are made from a very sturdy material that is highly impact-resistant to provide you with maximum "blow-back" and "bounce-back" protection from any recoil.

As with all other outdoor sports, shooting glasses should be equipped with ultra-violet protection. There are also the usual coating techniques for scratch-resistance, extra durability, anti-glare and a whole variety of tints and colors . Many people are used to in lenses that are bright yellow, very pale pink or medium orange in hue. Yellow or orange obstruct haze and blue light and enhance the orange color of the target.

The brighter yellow the lens color is, the better it is for use at night. This is most suitable in organized competitions or at the firing range, but outdoor lenses are usually light purple for enhancing orange tones against a green background, such as a forest- though polarized lenses can be found in any color. Light purple is basically a combination of vermilion and gray. Gray is a combination of two neutral colors [lots of white and a little black] and it generally clarifies vision, enhancing almost all colors visible to the human eye. This works especially well at mid-day. Vermilion is a bright red shade which is the opposite of green in the light spectrum and it subsequently highlights any contrasting greens. Many nonprescription shooting glasses come with several pairs of interchangeable lenses for use under different lighting and atmospheric conditions. Nose pads should be made of soft silicone materials so that they don't cut into the skin and they should be adjustable so that each wearer can personalize the fit. For static shooting there are also models with special ‘ bridges' that can be adjusted to any angles to block glare or direct sunlight.


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