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Scuba Diving Masks:

Diving masks are usually designed to be bulky and rather large. The lens frame is usually square shaped and box-like in order to provide for as much range of vision as possible. They are meant to cover a goodly portion of the upper face, all of the eyes and nose and the upper lip. They are made of rubber, which is utterly water-resistant, very flexible and thus watertight. Some are designed specifically for snorkeling and some for scuba diving.

Scuba diving with contact lenses - Many people assume that scuba diving with contacts isn't a problem as long as the mask is sufficiently tight and sealed.

However, not all types of contacts are suitable to the pressure change of up to 18m or more. Soft lenses are especially susceptible to any germs in the water and they tend to attract waterborne organisms, causing infections and irritants in the eyes. This is true of saltwater and pool-water. They can also damage the eyes directly if they dint react well to the water and you should always consult with a doctor or eye practitioner before diving with soft contacts. The older types of hard contacts [PMMA] and the newer types [RGP] tend to contract under the water-pressure and they ‘pinch' the eyes. This can be mildly uncomfortable or even dangerous in some instances, so we certainly don't recommend it.


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