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  Polarized Ski-Goggles

Polarized ski-goggles with ever-important ultra-violet protection:

Polarized lenses are basically lenses that are designed to filter out the glare of direct sunlight or light reflected off other surfaces. In former chapters the dangers of ultra-violet rays were explained and skiing is certainly the one sport that leaves its participants most vulnerable to this danger.

Sort-term exposure may only leave you with bearable sunburn on your face and less bearable sunburn in your eyes, which is called “photokeratitis”. If you ski a lot with no ultra-violet protection, the UV rays can ultimately lead to severe eye diseases or cataracts.

The UVA and UVB are the real dangers in this and if you are buying ski goggles, make sure they are atleast 95% ray resistant. Polarized lenses are dually designed to block bothersome glare and protect against ultra-violet rays. They are available in the usual yellow, pink to red and orange shades, but also in various grays and light browns. You can buy regular lenses if you use contact lenses or don't need prescription glasses, but today some ski goggle models come with prescription inserts that can be made to your individual specifications. An eye-care practitioner or your local optometrist can help with this.


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