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  Finding a Good Specialist

Finding a Good Sports Vision Specialist

The main organization that deals with sports vision is the American Optometric Association in the Sports Vision Section. Either contacting them or looking up their website can give you information about searching for a qualified and respected sport-vision specialist in your area.

Another direct way to find a sports vision specialist is to ask your doctor or eye care practitioner for a referral. Sometimes local high-school coaches know about this field and can recommend an accredited doctor or college-team coaches. Most eye specialists are optometrists, who can examine your vision and perhaps advise you on the best eye-glasses or lenses for your specific needs, but some are ophthalmologists.

Ophthalmologists are eye doctors that practice refractive surgery on athletes and some are trained to deal with all sports-related vision skills. You can also find specialists in the Yellow Pages or the Internet, as many people advertise on websites that give you a lot of information about what the procedure and the evaluation actually entail.
If you want to research this further on the Internet, just type in the key words ‘sports vision doctor' or ‘sports vision specialist' and if you are searching for a doctor close to home, add your geographic locations. All these websites list an address and a contact phone number. Another renowned organization is the COVD- the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, which is an organization devoted entirely to the research of vision development and enhancement. Their work is mainly in children's vision advancement; field practice in vision therapy for kids, correcting childhood vision ailments, diseases and genital conditions. But some of their research is also in the field of sports vision and this may be helpful to you.


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