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Different sports
Different Visual Abilities

  Different sports

Different sports:

Different skills:

Sport games that include many participants, such as soccer, basketball or football- all need good visual perception while in motion and good peripheral vision, aside from excellent eye-foot coordination. Tracking the movement of each player on the field and also a relatively small playing ball requires attention to detail and the ability to track and remember separate moving objects.

If you lose sight of the ball for a period of several seconds, you become useless to the game. Such games require a continual record of each play and this may seem easy at first glance, but after some examination, you will find that tracking a dozen or so people in constant motion, while you yourself are in constant motion, and then attempting to map out the logistics of team-play while searching with your eyes for a ball is a very difficult visual challenge. This especially important in basketball; which is a very fast moving game that flows continually from one point of the playing field to the other. Good peripheral vision is utterly crucial to basketball. To take golf as a contrasting example again, here almost no visual memory is needed, as there is no need for cooperation with other players and no fast movement to track. In a completely different sport, such as skiing, all of these mentioned visual skills wouldn't serve you half as good as contrast sensitivity, which is the ability to distinguish between lighter and darker shades of grey. Having no need for cooperation with other players, skiers still need to be able to observe every flux and change in their surroundings, as this is also a very high-speed sport and reaction times need to be very swift. So, as you can see, every sport requires individualized skills of its own.


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