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  Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis

Giant papillary conjunctivitis is caused because of an inflammatory reaction to proteins excreted from the eyes. Practitioners have several options to fit a person who has this condition. People with GPC usually have a harder time adjusting to contact lenses and they may need to spend more time cleaning and maintaining them, unless they choose disposables which can be replaced daily. RGPs are a good option because proteins do not cling to them like they do with soft lenses and they respond well to the cleaning agents. A properly cleaned rigid GP is no cause for concern in this context. This secretion of protein and its subsequent reaction lead to protein buildups that can reduce the effectiveness of the lens and cause eye infections. This is especially true of soft contact lens, though a soft daily disposable lens will do very well. There's no time to accumulate protein deposits and it’s the healthiest option overall.
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