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  Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

With our air and our environment becoming more and more polluted, our eyes show the effects of this phenomenon on a global scale. More than fifteen percent of people using contacts are estimated to suffer from dry eyes and other mild irritants. This is not something commonly checked for as yet but eye practitioners, but dry eyes coupled with contact lenses can be very uncomfortable. If you do wear contacts and feel that your eyes water persistently or have a burning or itching sensation, you too may be suffering from dry eyes. Some practitioners prefer special-material lenses for dry eyes. Your eye doctor may just suggest RGPs because rigid lenses do not absorb water from your eyes, but there are also some new products available.

The FDA claimed that the new product- Proclear Compatibles- potentially "improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear." This new lens is specially designed as a high-water soft contact that takes very little from the eye and also acts as a moisturizing agent to soothe the eyes. If you have chronically dry eyes, the best option would be a fairly thick, soft, one-day disposable lens can work well. A thin lens dries up too fast and you would feel a burning sensation or redness in the eyes within a matter of hours. RGP’s are an option, as they absorb almost no moisture during wear, but practitioners generally recommend soft lenses made with a low water content because these lenses dehydrate less than high-water lenses do in a dry environment. However, different types of dry eye may require different contact lens approaches.
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