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  New Contacts Case Designs

Since the emergence of contact lenses into the general market some decades ago, there are have an assortment of designs for contact cases, some more functionally oriented and some designed for marketability. Today new contact cases are available that take into account the need for maximizing health and reducing the potential for complications due to contact use. This doesn’t take into account each person personal habits, as any type of lens will cause inflammations and diseases if not maintained properly and cleaned on a regular basis, but even if you do clean your contacts every night, if the case they are cleaned in isn’t itself clean or properly designed for health interests, your lenses will still retain some percentage of the bacteria even after cleaning. Now there are new products for this purpose, such as ‘Novelens’ new contact case will separate your contact lenses from the dirty deposits that accumulate in it during the day. This new case has two chambers: one above, which holds the contact lens, and one below, into which deposits from the upper chamber are drained with the disinfecting solution, so the lens isn’t re-contaminated by the deposits. The next morning, you just discard the spent cleaning solution. The case is designed to be used with all soft contact lenses and with any of the multi-purpose solutions.

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