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  Faster Lens Care Solutions

Some people shy away from using contact lenses because of the time and energy required of cleaning them and maintaining them every day. Unlike eye glasses, which are simply taken off, any contact that isn’t daily disposable must be cleaned thoroughly in order to reduce the risk of eye infections. During the day the eye secretes proteins and other substances that cake inside the lens. Today you can find fast cleaning solutions that cut down cleaning and maintenance to only five quick minutes. A new product on the market is AQuify 5 Minute, which is multi-purpose solution that requires only a 10-second rub and a five-minute soak, and it also combats contact lens discomfort and dryness. Many supposedly fast-cleaning solutions aren’t all that effective is addressing the main complaint of contact wearers- which is dry and irritated eyes. This product contains Sorbitol, which is a natural ingredient found in fruits and its function is to lock in moisture to prevent lens dehydration. It also contains a substance called Dexpant-5, which is an ingredient found in dry eye and wound healing products.

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