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  Preventing and Curing

Diabetes - Preventing and Curing

Diabetes is preventive not Curable

Till date there is no treatment is available for diabetes. However National Institute of health is very much confidant for providing cures for both type 1 and type 2 of diabetes. Even the other independent institutes and organizations are also using their approaches to cure the diabetes.


For no the best treatment available is living healthy life style. Overweight, High glucose level taking foods containing higher calories are the main reasons for being diabetic. One should check his or her weight level by using Body mass index if found over weight then make small changes in lifestyle to cure and rid off extra weight. By changing your eating habits include daily exercise in you routine consume food with higher protein and lesser calories.

Food chart for Diabetic patient

Take food-containing lots of grains like whole grain cereal, whole wheat, green vegetable and fruits. One should remember the following while preparing your food chart:

•  Maintain your food chart and include therein foods with low fat and cholesterol.

•  Check the food level and calculate the calories it contains. Your limit should be around 2000 calories per day with around 50 grams fat.

•  Your salt intake should be around 2000 mg or 1 teaspoon a day.

•  In case of alcoholic patients drink should be no more than one 5- ounce glass of wine a day.

•  Exercise daily at least 30 minutes.

•  Use stairs than using elevator.

•  Take a Walk at lunchtime.

•  Try bicycle while going nearer places.

Following above tips can be useful in curing your diabetes.

Non Diabetics should also use some precautions

By following the below mentioned tips you can stop diabetes happens to you.

a) Overweight is always at greater risk for being diabetic. Habit yourself by taking less food in the plate and drink a glass of water before taking food. This would help you eating less glucose and sugar.

b) Limit your fat intake. Use grill or bake food rather than fry food and meals with reduced fat.

c) Always check index of your food typically it is called Glycemic Index which means knowing in details what you are eating.

d) Keep a bottle of water with you and drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.

e) Try skimmed instead of fat milk in Tea of coffee or other hot drinks.

f) Use snacks than chocolates

g) Ease you exercise patter by walking at least 15 to 20 minutes daily. If you can exercise that is even batter for you.

These small changes in your lifestyle can secure you against the danger of being diabetic.

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