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Presbyopia and Contact Lenses

  Presbyopia and Contact Lenses

Presbyopia is a condition that can be easily corrected with the right eye wear. It usually presents itself in latter life. From middle age and onward, a very high percentage of the population need both distant and near visual correction. The first signs of it are when you can't read a book from a normal distance anymore and you feel that is would be easier to see from a greater distance. It's not an exact set of physical characteristics that can make a presbyopic person hard to fit with contact lenses than someone with a regular prescription, but rather the many different kinds of lens designs available for presbyopia. Fitting a presbyopic person can require some trial-and-error.

Different designs work better for different people and finding the correct fit is vitally important. Bifocal and monovision glasses and contact lenses are designed to address this problem and today there is a larger variety of bifocals and monovision lenses are available for your every convenience. You can find bifocal contacts that are either RGP [rigid] or soft, frequent replacement lenses and even daily, weekly and monthly disposables. Even the simplest designs involve some form of near power and distance power in the same lens. The good news is that today, more people are successful with multifocal contact lens designs than in the past. Improvements in lens design have changed that; if you are determined to wear contacts your chances of success are better than ever.


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