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Alternative Natural Health Supplements – Ginseng

Of all the alternative natural health supplements available today, probably the most famous is ginseng. But, what benefits can you expect to derive from using ginseng as a natural health supplement every day?

Ginseng – an overview

Sometimes known as Korean ginseng, Asian ginseng or Chinese ginseng, ginseng is the root of a plant that provides you with a number of beneficial affects. However, due to the many various forms of ginseng now available, while the underlying benefits of all share similar characteristics, each of the different types may also provide their own additional benefit. For this reason, before you start to use ginseng as a natural health supplement, you should consult with your physician as to what you can expect to benefit from taking ginseng, and also the dosage you should be taking.


Ginseng has, as a natural element, a chemical known as adaptogen. In short, adaptogen has a number of proven benefits, including:
  • increasing the body’s stamina level so that you feel physically and mentally more alert for longer and are capable of achieving more out of your day
  • reduces depression, by making you have better moods and giving you a more positive outlook on life
  • decreases your stress levels, which, in the stress inducing world we live in, helps your overall physical and mental well-being
  • decrease high blood pressure levels
  • increases the body’s immune system
  • helps to reduces the chances of contracting diabetes but reducing the blood sugar level in your body
  • rids the body’s intestinal system of dangerous toxins, which if allowed to build up can have a harmful affect on your system
  • helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in your body by increasing the levels of HDL (which helps combat dangerous cholesterol levels) that your body produces

Indeed, it would not be too far fetched to say that adaptogen works as a whole body tonic that helps to cleanse the body and provide you with additional immune protection against infection, stress and toxins.


With the levels of obesity hitting ever new records in the West, ginseng is the perfect natural health supplement to overcome any dietary problems you may be having. Unlike other treatments for obesity, ginseng has no harmful side-effects of toxins and is a natural and healthy way for you to reduce your weight. Obviously you should consult your physician before using ginseng as a dietary supplement, but unless you suffer from any harmful allergies it is likely that this will be considered a very useful and beneficial way for you to taken on the challenge of obesity. Ginseng also works as a very good control over eating desires – so can be used in conjunction with a number of dietary requirements and disorders. Asians have been singing the virtues of ginseng for over 1,600 years. Most Asian nationals include ginseng in their daily cooking, and the benefits it provides them are clear to see. In the West we are only just coming to learn of the very special and useful properties that this wonderful alternative natural health supplement has.


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