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Menicon USA

Menicon USA contact lenses

Ocular system, which is responsible for perceiving 80 to 90% of exterior information, is one of the essential organs to live our lives. Therefore Menicon always suggests that all the contact lens wearers should place the first priority on safety to ocular system when choosing your contact lenses. Our eyes are breathing. In case that enough oxygen needed for the cornea cannot be supplied, the risk of corneal infection, keratitis or ulcer should dramatically increase.

No matter what any problems may happen during wear, nobody can say corneal disease never occur 10 or 20 years later. That is the very reason why we are seriously concerned about. We Menicon always recommend the wearers to choose high oxygen permeability contact lenses and we have responsibility to produce the safest contact lenses as one of the contact lens manufactures. They have loaded ambition and technology into every contact lens for the purpose of maintaining irreplaceable ocular system.

"A lifetime of healthy vision begins with Menicon."

  Visit Menicon USA 's website for more information:

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