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  Managing Glucose with insulin

Diabetes - Managing Glucose with insulin

Insulin Effects in Blood Sugar level

Insulin correction is vital aspect in diabetes treatment, which is called insulin therapy. The objectives of this therapy are:

In type 1 Diabetes Insulin therapy keep the blood sugar level as close as possible to the level which is recommended by your doctor. This is helpful in preventing long tern diabetes complications like nerve damage, blindness or kidney damage. So this is important need of patient suffering from type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes as well.

In deciding the quantity of insulin which is needed by your body doctor considered many things like lifestyle, weight, exercise habit and all other factor which can affect blood sugar level.

Role of Insulin in the body

The importance of insulin therapy can be understood easily if one knows the working of insulin in the body and effects of diabetes in its working. The most primary job of body insulin is to maintain proper blood glucose level. Liver is also affected by insulin. At the time of eating when insulin level is high body preserve this extra sugar in form of glycogen in liver. After you eat when there low level insulin situation occurs this stored glycogen released into bloodstream as sugar. Thus keeping sugar level at the normal level.

But if your pancreas creates no insulin or less insulin like in type 1 diabetes or where your body becomes insulin resistant like in Type 2 diabetes sugar level increases causing diabetes. If this is left untreated than it can result in many short term or long term complications.

Insulin types

There are many insulin type exist inn the market some of which work quickly and last longer than other. Now a rapid action type of insulin is also available which can be inhaled.

Insulin Injections

Diabetes treatment plan includes insulin injections to be given in various regimens:

Injecting Once : A long lasting insulin injection is given once a day.

Injecting Mixed dose : In this case both types of treatments are given rapid action and intermediate acting injections, daily in the morning.

Spit Dose : Two injections are given everyday of immediate acting range. These are given normally once before breakfast and second before meal at night or at bedtime.

Mixed Spit Dose : Two injections are given containing either short term or rapid action and immediate insulin both these mixed in a single syringe first before breakfast second before bedtime.

Sometimes inhaled types of insulin are useful and used in replacement of both short term and immediate as well. But this inhaled insulin can not be used in replacement of long acting alternative medication, which is a part of normal treatment.

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