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  The Menopause

Herbal Medicine And The Menopause

The Change is, biologically, one of the most confusing that any women can go through. Traditionally experienced between the ages of 45 and 55 this is a time of hot flushes, night seats, memory loss and concentration problems. That's without the additional problem of mood swings that can, at times, have the whole family running for cover. Faced with this problem women are traditionally offered two very different alternatives – live with what you are going through or taking hormone replacement tablets. However, very rarely are women going the preliminary stages of menopause offered a third choice, electing to use herbal medicine as an alternative remedy method.

As any scientist will tell you, a look at cultures over the centuries a look to nature has given us many of the natural remedies we need in order to try and remedy some of the most difficult situations we find ourselves in. The Change is no different. With menopause things are no different. Herbal medicine does have the answers that women need to try and minimize the difficulties.

Black cohosh root, derived from a North American shrub plant, has natural herbal medicine therapeutic remedies to counter the hot flush that most women going through menopause generally suffer. In addition helping overcome problems with the hot flush, daily doses of black cohosh root also help women with menopause to overcome some of the other day to day problems of living with going through the Change.

Black cohosh root works by tricking the human brain into thinking that the body is producing estrogen. Women going through the menopause lack estrogen, which in turn causes them to suffer from hot flushes. With a daily dose of black cohosh root, the brain is tricked into thinking that the levels of estrogen are remaining constant.

However, while black cohosh root does seem to trick the brain into thinking that the levels of estrogen are remaining constant, surprisingly black cohosh root contains very little estrogen itself. As such, while this herbal medicine is an excellent remedy for controlling the mood swings associated with the Change, it is not the answer to all of the problems associated with the Change itself. In order to counter the enormity of the Change, nature also needs to look elsewhere.

In order to counter all of the side effects associated with going through the Change it is strongly recommended that suffers of this natural problem also consider other forms of herbal medicine to find a natural balance to the problems that they are going through without having to unnecessarily either do nothing or look to hormone replacements.

After all, when a woman is going through nature's biggest change why should she not look to herbal medicine and nature to find the answer to her daily problems of going through the Change and living with menopause. There are answers out there and unlike conventional modern medicine, this answers are rarely found in doing nothing but rather are in living a natural healthy life-style with minor interruptions being countered with nature's own answer to nature's own problems.

Herbal Medicine

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