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  Insomnia Treatment

Using Herbal Medicine To Overcome Insomnia

Insomnia can be one of the most unpleasant conditions to afflict a person. Unfortunately, however, many modern pharmaceutical prescription drugs can make you dependent on them in overcoming your insomnia problems. Consequently you need to regulate these carefully. Nature, however, has provided a wonderful herbal medicine that can help you to alleviate your insomnia pains without needing to be overly concerned with any dependency issues. It's name is Valerian .

Valerian is herbal medicine belonging to the Valerianaceae family of perennial plant that are commonly found in Europe and Asia. This herbal medicine helps to combat insomnia specifically as it helps those who take it to feel sleepy and dozy. While no known ingredient of Valerian is known to directly contribute to assisting you in overcoming insomnia and helping you to sleep, two elements are known to cause sedative side-effects – valerenic acid and iridous. In clinical trials both of these have been proven to have sedative effects by increasing the amount of gamma amino-butyric acid (GABA) in sufficient amounts to cause a sedative effect among those who took this herbal medication.

While no known side-effects have been reported with the use of valerian while taking other forms of pharmaceutical medication to help alleviate insomnia, it is not suggested that you take this course of action and that you consult with a doctor before using this herbal medicine as a replacement. It is also not a recommended form of treatment for pregnant women who may be suffering from insomnia. In addition, valerian should not be taken at the same time as consuming alcohol or any other drug that may have a sedative side-effect, nor should this be taken shortly before driving a motor vehicle.

Nevertheless, if you are a common and prolonged suffer of insomnia, you may be keen o learn more about the benefits that this herbal medicine can bring. Importantly you should note that valerian is considered a dietary supplement, not a drug per se. Thus. even though this has been a herbal medicine in use sine the times of the Romans in helping to overcome insomnia problems, it is not regulated as a drug in the same way as prescription drugs are. Additional benefits that are known to be associated with taking valerian include helping to overcome headaches and stress. The later is also seen as being a common symptom behind insomnia and, thus, it should probably not be too surprising to learn that this herbal medicine can help alleviate both symptoms at the same time.

While Valerian may not be the wonder drug perfect cure for all insomnia suffers, this herbal medicine has gone a long way to proving that, as with other common ailments often found in man, nature has its very own cure for helping mankind to reduce or, indeed, overcome its problems without needing to manufacture synthetic drugs to try and provide the perfect cure. So if you do happen to be an insomniac, looking for a good night's sleep, valerian is certain a herbal medicine you should be keeping in mind.

Herbal Medicine

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