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  Cold Treatment

Herbal Medicine Can Help You Overcome Your Cold

In some ways we have made enormous advances in what modern medicines can achieve. In other ways modern medicine is still in the Dark Ages. Let's take the ‘common' cold for example. If you get a cold you'll likely be told by your doctor that there's no cure. True enough, if you restrict your treatment to modern medicinal products. However, if you're willing to try herbal medicine you may well find that this ancient and tested product of nature may well just help you get over your cold faster and easier than any pharmaceutical product your doctor prescribes you.

First off, it is important that you know from the outset that herbal medicine is not the wonder cure to the common cold. For a start, no herbal remedy will directly attack the common cold virus that you have. How herbal medicines work is in a preventative way. In other words, by taking regular dosages of herbal medication you can help to boost your body's immune system so that your body can be stronger when it comes to fighting off any attack by the common cold virus.

There are a number of proactive herbal medicines you can use to help boost your body's immune system. Among the most popular of these is astragalus root , a traditional Chinese medicine famous for building up the body's immune system to help it fight off any invasion by viruses. Another famous herbal medicine for building up the body's immune system is known as Yin Chao . In fact, Yin Chao is a tonic mixture of several different herbal medicines and includes the likes of the honeysuckle flower, playcodon root, bamboo leaf, licorice (like the sweet), burdock root and peppermint – along with a few others.

If you already have a cold and have not used a herbal medicine previously then you don't need to worry too much as you could always use a herbal medicine as an alternative to help you feel better and get you well on your way to recovery as quickly as any conventional pharmaceutical drug. Here, the likes of the Elder flower and Gentian root are popular common cold remedies.

If you are taking some other form of medication for a particular ailment, such as heart or organ diseases, you should always make sure that you check with your doctor that it is okay for you to use herbal medicines with your prescription drugs so as to make sure that they will not have any harmful side-effect on each other. Aside from that, however, there is no reason why you cannot use herbal medications to help you get over the problems of a common. Most herbal medications can also assist in giving a zest back in your life so not only do you feel that you have got over your common cold that much quicker but you also have an extra spring in your step as you walk down the winter road while all your other friends are suffering from the coughs and sneezes of their common cold.

Herbal Medicine

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