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  Herbal Medicine

The concept of taking herbal medicine rather than conventional medication has taken off in recent years. Today you can walk down any shopping street and there’s a very good chance that at least one outlet will retail herbal medicine. But have you ever wondered what’s so special about taking natural herbs as a medicinal aid?

Although the concept of herbal medication may seem new to you, the fact is that mankind has been using herbs as a form of medication for centuries. The only real difference between now and previously is that we now have the means to make herbal medicine much more accessible to the masses.

However, this is not really the big plus to using herbs as a medicine. The enormous plus to herbal medicine are two-fold. On the one hand, we can make use of nature’s natural herbs to help us stave off illness and disease. In other words, by taking herbal medication everyday we can avoid getting sick at all. On the other hand, we can use herbal medicine as a remedy when we get sick. In other words, we can use the same herbs to make us better when we are already sick.

Although some doubters may tell you that you should not be using herbal medicines to help you overcome or avoid an illness, the simple fact of the matter is that even most modern conventional medicines used by hospitals and doctors have some for of base herbal extract in them. If you doubt this, ask yourself how many of our modern medicine have some form of plant extract in them? Bet you’ll be surprised by the answer! And, if you cannot think of any, when was the last time you took and aspirin? Well, did you know that aspirin has a herbal element? Yep, one of the components of the modern aspiring tablet is willow bark. If you still doubt the virtues of herbal medications, you may be interested to know that even the World Health Organization’s own figures estimate that over 4 billion people use herbal medicinal products in the world.

However, before you rush off an replace all of the modern medicines in your medicine cabinet with the more traditional herbal type, always remember that herb extracts can themselves be fairly potent if they are not taken in a regulated environment. So don’t go out into the woods today trying to find these yourself, and if your are currently taking prescription medication always make sure that you discuss any alternative herbal medicine product you want to try with your physician or doctor before changing over.

That aside, there’s no real reason why you should not be using herbal medicines as a viable and preferable alternative to pharmaceutical medication to ease away the stresses and strains each of us feels each day in the modern world. A cup of herbal tea, a warm bath in herbal oils and even some nice herbal oils can all make a massive difference to how well you are feeling each day when you wake-up and go to bed.
Herbal Medicine

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