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  Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes

What is Gestational diabetes?

Diabetes, which occurs only in pregnancy, is called gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes also has the same symptom, which are found in other type of diabetes like effecting the blood sugar level which is most important source of energy within your body. This results in high blood sugar. If unattended, this can affect and cause many other health problems for women or baby. Gestational diabetic patients are advised by their doctor to keep glucose level at normal.


Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

Most of the time there is not any type of symptom for gestational diabetes. But if occurs than they are:

•  Feeling thirsty excessively

•  Frequent urination

Causes of Gestational Diabetes

If we look at our digestion process our body converts carbohydrates into sugar which further used for getting energy. One of the forms of this sugar is glucose. When we eat glucose directly entered into blood but for entering into your cell body need insulin which is located near stomach. Insulin pours sugar into the cells, which give you energy and maintain normal blood level.

Lever plays second important in maintaining normal blood glucose level. If there is more sugar than what cells needs this extra sugar stored in liver. This way this extra sugar gets utilized when there is low blood sugar level.

There are many things responsible for fluctuation in glucose levels within body some of them are food, Stress, Exercise etc. This chain of proper coordination between lever, insulin and sugar ensure normal blood sugar level in your body.

Risk of getting gestational diabetes.

Since any woman can suffered from gestational diabetes but woman have greater chances than others because of the inherited risk they contain like:

•  Older age women have more chances of getting gestational diabetes than younger women.

•  Women where any of their family members is suffering from type 2 diabetes have more chances of getting gestational diabetes.

•  Overweight women when gets pregnant are more frequent to get gestational diabetes than normal weight women.

Medical advice in gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes should be taken care as seriously as other prenatal care decease. If you are with gestational diabetes your doctor will advice you frequent checkup. Frequency of checkup will depend upon your previous medical record, sensitivity of your diabetes and other complications. This is more important in last 21 weeks of pregnancy at this time sugar level should be monitored very closely.

You health consultant can also refer your other professional or specialist for any required checkup of test. The pregnancy blood sugar level should be closely monitored for at-least 5 to 6 weeks to prevent developing Diabetes of type 2.

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