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Eye Nutrition Summary

  Vitamin A

Vitamin A is found in meat, especially in the richly blooded internal organs, such as the liver or in dairy products that are rich in natural fats.

Chicken liver, for example, contains over six thousand RE units in a 100g serving. This is six times a man’s recommended daily allowance and even a small portion of that serving would be greatly beneficial to maintaining the health of your eyes. Beef liver contains even more RE units if vitamin A- atleast 10,500 in a 100g serving.

Vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency is the prevalent source of blindness in developed countries, where malnutrition and famine are a constant reality. Even in developed countries lack of proper nutrients in your food can lead to vitamin A deficiencies; leading to the development of cataracts or night blindness. Ongoing malnutrition or just bad eating habits can deteriorate simple night blindness to full onset of blindness if left untreated and if the diet isn’t corrected to include vitamin A-rich foods. Furthermore, cigarettes and alcohol both reduce the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and these unhealthy habits deplete the body’s ability to hold on to already digested vitamin A-rich foods.
Proper Eye Nutrition

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