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  Recommended Daily Allowance

In Europe the daily allowance for certain vitamins is measured in International Units [IU] and the vitamins extracted from either animal or plant sources vary. In the U.S, the recommended daily allowance - [RDA in its shortened version] for vitamins that are essential to healthy eyes is measured in Retinol Equivalents - RE.

This daily allotment of vitamins is different for men and women; in the U.S.A the RDA for women is 800 RE a day and for men it is 1000 RE a day. To compare between the European and the American measurements, one American RE is equivalent to 3.3 European units that come from animal sources and one American RE is equivalent to 10 IU for plant products. Some vitamins, such as vitamin C, aren’t measured in RE units, but in milligrams per serving.
Proper Eye Nutrition

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