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  Disposable For Everyone?

Disposables aren’t for everyone- an eye care practitioner can tell you whether your particular prescription is available as a disposable lens. If your prescription is rare, you might not be advised to get disposables, but some other frequently-replaced contacts. You must get your eyes examined first to see which replacement intervals are right for you. Some people’s eyes produce more protein, some have more productive tear ducts, and these make more deposit buildup behind the lens during wear. If your eyes feel either uncomfortable or irritated, but without any redness, you may have a rip in your lens or a reaction to the solution the lens was stored in. It could also be an inflammation called an infiltrate, which is an accumulation of white blood cells in the cornea. This can be caused by solutions, tight lenses. For these people, daily disposables may be more suitable than weekly or by-weekly types. This is especially important for people suffering from chronic allergies in peal allergy seasons.
Disposable Contacts

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