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  Disposable Lenses Cost

Even though most people know that disposable contact lenses are the healthiest option, especially for long-term use, they were also traditionally the most expensive option. They don’t require cleaning agents or special detergents that are meant to prolong the usability of the lens and this does reduce overall cost, but they are replaced very often and this itself is expensive. Since 1987 contact lens manufacturers have developed new manufacturing methods to produce high-quality lenses in greater volume, at lower cost, making it reasonable price-wise to replace the contact lenses more often. They are made of the same materials as traditional lenses; though some types of disposables are made from new materials developed especially for frequent replacement. The cost can vary widely from person to person with the most influential factor being the type and severity of your prescription. If you have a very complex or rare prescription, disposables may not be an option for you. Other than that, price varies according to geographical area and the practitioner you choose to buy them from. If you have a normal correction then finding disposables shouldn’t be a problem, and with the new materials being use today, it shouldn’t cost more than traditional lenses. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend time on cleaning or money on special detergents.
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