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Disposable contact lenses have been around since the mid 80's and they are specifically designed to be worn for a stated period of time and then disposed of. There is some confusion about definitions regarding disposable contacts. The term is often collectively applied to several types of lens. Unlike ‘Frequent replacement contacts' , which are replaced monthly or quarterly, or ‘Re-usable contacts' , which are replaced every six to eight months, disposable contacts are only for daily or weekly use. The longest you can keep a disposable contact is two weeks, and most kinds are meant to be replaced far sooner. Today this is one of the most popular kinds of contacts being purchased, as this is indisputably the healthiest choice, though not the cheapest. It's especially important for anyone with sensitive eyes, who suffers from regular eye infections and still wants to use contacts over glasses. They are convenient, require no cleaning and don't stay in long enough to accumulate damaging dirt or other possible irritants. Today there is quite a collection of disposable and frequent-replacement contacts, including ones that change your eye color, others that correct for astigmatism, and bifocal disposable contacts.
Disposable Contacts

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