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  Diabetes Types

Types of Diabetes

Case I Diabetes where no insulin is made:

Under this type of diabetes Body does not make any insulin it most commonly found in children or your age people who suffered from it by birth itself. These people needs to take insulin daily using pump, injection or taking aspirin and need to reduce their cholesterol level and blood pressure.


Case II Diabetes where insulin are made but not function properly:

This is the case where body makes insulin but this body made insulin that do not function properly or not working at all resulting sugar stays into the blood causing high sugar level and diabetes. These patients also needs to take medicine, exercise, aspirin, need to reduce their cholesterol level and blood pressure

Case III: G estational Diabetes

This type of diabetes occurs during pregnancy. However chances for such type of diabetes are around 5% only. This is happens because during pregnancy body makes additional hormones which use insulin to work properly. To recoup this shortage of insulin body makes additional insulin. But in some cases body does not make this additional insulin, causing shortage of insulin in the body or excessive sugar level in the blood. The life of this diabetes is normally limited to pregnancy period only thereafter it gets normalised. But woman who suffers from it does have chances to develop case II type of diabetes later in the life.

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