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  Diabetes Diet

Diabetes diet

Diet has the important role in controlling, curing your diabetes. Healthy customized diet as per your need will do this and much more. Balanced diabetes diet contains vegetables, whole grains, and fruit, less calories high protein, low in fat and enrich with nutrition. In fact this is the best diet plan for normal mankind as well.


Planning your Diet

Your diet plan helps you:

•  In making routine for meal, snacks and the interval everyday.

•  In choosing the best nutritious food.

If some how you are already following any of diet programs containing all these requirements above then you need not to do and change in that schedule. If you are not aware about the foods which contains right amount of protein and nutrition your doctor will help you in deciding and preparing your diet programs.

Measuring Carbohydrates

Calculating your carbohydrates is a helpful tool in deciding your diet program especially if you are taking other diabetes medication or insulin injections. Taking right amount of carbohydrates with all your meals will controls your blood sugar level and refrain it from going high or low. Your physician can guide you in counting the amount of carbohydrate in your meal.

Generally protein and fat are not the considerable factor in planning diabetic diet. But it does not mean you keep taking food containing low carbohydrates or no carbohydrate at all. Eating much fat can cause you over weight and many other diseases including diabetes in long run.

Glycemic index is another handy way in selecting right kind of food specially carbohydrates. High glycemic index foods are generally increases the blood sugar in comparison of low glycemic index food. Even that does not mean that low glycemic index foods are healthier.

Exchange lists

Food exchange chart shows the various alternatives for same amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat etc and same effect on your blood sugar level. Your dietitian will help you in preparing this list. He will also help you using this list in selecting your daily-required intake of protein, carbohydrates, fat etc.

If you follows you diet program closely you will consume same amount of calories, carbohydrates every day which will help you controlling your weight and sugar. On the other side it becomes as difficult as you increase your concerns for controlling your carbohydrates.

Following your healthy eating plan is the best way to control your blood sugar level and preventing long term and short term diabetes complications. With good diet plan your meal will not be boring anymore. It gives you variety to choose from. So enjoy the benefits.

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