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  Diabetes Complications

Diabetes Complications -Heart attack

What is Heart attack

Heart attack is like an attack on heart muscles which is caused by lack of blood supply. It normally happens where there is a blockage of flow of blood through coronary artery. Coronary artery is a blood vessel responsible for feeding blood in heart muscles. Any interruption in this process can cause the damage in heart muscles.

Year's back heart attack was considered as fatal. But now day's situation is different due to increased treatment options and awareness amongst all those heart patients most of heart attack patients survive.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

The symptoms of heart attack are variable and common in all the case not even as dramatic as you seen them on TV. Like symptoms in women and diabetics are less pronounces in fact in some cases there are no symptoms at all. But still more symptoms you have there are more chances for you to face a heart attack.

Some of alarming symptoms of heart attack are:

•  Squeeze pain for more than 1 minute around center chest.

•  Increased frequency of chest pain

•  Breath shortness

•  Sweating

•  Vomiting etc

There is no fix time for heart attack to occur it can come when you are playing, eating, resting or bathing but in some cases people experience signs of such attack hours, day, or months ago of its happing. The earlier sign is, recurring chest pain called angina, which is caused by insufficient blood sully to the heart.

Causes of Heart Attack

The main reason for heart attack is blockage of arteries, which supply oxygen rich blood to the heart. This blockage happens due to blood clot that creates suddenly. Heart attack is rarely occurs where blood cot of a deceased heart breaks and lodge in narrowed artery. Spasm of coronary artery is another uncommon cause of heart attack that shut down the blood flow to heart. Drugs like cocaine cause such spasm.

Risk factors of Heart Attack

Some coronary factors increase the risk of heart attack. Some these are:

Diabetes : Diabetes speeds up atherosclerosis with negative effect on cholesterol level.

Smoking Tobacco : Smoking damages the interior walls of arteries this damage can also occur with long term second hand smock. It also causes forming of blood clots resulting heart attack.

High level of Blood Pressure : Blood pressure is the blood amount, which your heart pumps and resistance of blood flow into arteries.

High Blood Cholesterol : Excess cholesterol can narrow arteries in your body which includes arteries which supply blood to your heart.

Physical laziness : Physical laziness contributes to high cholesterol which in turns in overall risk of heart attack etc.

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