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  Diabetes and Pregnancy

Diabetic and Pregnancy

Recent Development in handling diabetic Pregnancy

If we talk the years around 1950 more than 25% pregnancies were used to end in a death. But due to some extraordinary development in medical science situation is different now. But even now pre natal mortality is higher at 2 to 5% than normal standard of less than 1%. These good results are achieved in places where expertise is exits or where there is technical skills are shared for treating pregnancy.


During pregnancy there are many changes take place within woman's body. At this stage all pregnant woman's required adequate nutrition, rest, and energy to grow the baby during pregnancy. During the pregnancy the blood sugar level varies very frequently within the body. If extra care is not taken to control the blood sugar level woman can face many diabetic problem. Situation is even worst if she is already suffering from diabetes. Results can be very dangerous including miscarried. Higher blood sugar level can leads to other problems also like high blood pressures which can further result in pre mature delivery which make pregnancy more miserable. Diabetic pregnancy has other major problem of Big Size Baby which creates very discomfort during last months of pregnancy and even at the time of delivery.

Pre-pregnancy counseling

Plan your pregnancy

Educating diabetic woman about attending pre pregnancy clinic for counseling is very important. Woman with diabetes normally found with unplanned pregnancy than woman with no diabetics. Diabetic woman should plan well before becoming pregnant by counseling etc so as not to face any unplanned problems later in pregnancy.

Consulting your Doctor frequently

Diabetic women must consult their doctor frequently to consult about her blood sugar level, meditation, necessary steps to be taken for controlling sugar level etc.

Eating healthy

Foods intake of a pregnant woman must contain adequate supplements needed for maintaining proper glucose level.

Include Exercise in Daily Lifestyle

Other way to control blood glucose level is exercise. It helps in balancing foods intake. Woman should have the regular exercise place much before getting pregnancy and should follows this with stick discipline during pregnancy and after pregnancy.

Keep close watch on Blood sugar level

During pregnancy the body needs extra glucose, so glucose level can change very frequently. Pregnant woman should keep close watch on that. If it is down than required she must consult at the earliest with her doctor to controls it.

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