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Computer Vision Syndrom
CVS in Children
Reasons for cvs in children
Preventing cvs in children

  Reasons for cvs in children

  1. The computer is now being used for both functional and recreational use.

  2. People are encouraging their children to acquire computer skills at a too early age.

  3. Children are spending an average of three hours a day in from of the computer.

  4. Children don't have the level of personal and physical awareness that adults do. Slight physical discomforts, areas of stress or muscular tension are often ignored, without the children speaking of them at all. Aching necks and backs often 'get well' very quickly in a young body, while leaving behind residual damage.

  5. Children don't have much to compare with in the field of vision. While an adult immediately realized when they aren't seeing clearly, or if they are out of focus, children tend to assume that what they see is normal.

  6. Children can often go on about their tasks for hours on end, without feeling the need to get up and stretch, or simply take a break for a few minutes. This is especially true of computer games, which can occupy a child half the day. This prolonged stress on the eyes is highly damaging and can certainly lead to early problems related to eyesight.

  7. Usually children don't have their own computers and they have to share it with the rest of the family. Most of the time, computer workplaces are arranged to suit adults and everything is aligned for adult height and size. Children often spend hours looking straight up and putting stress on the back of their necks and heads.

Computer Vision Syndrom

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