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  Finding Computer Vision Specialists

Locating a computer vision specialist

Not every eye-practitioner or even all eye-doctors are trained in CVS, as this is a modern affliction, but you can use Vision Council of America's online locator or ask your eye doctor for a reference.

Once an eye doctor that specializes in computer vision care accurately diagnoses if you have a computer vision problem, then finding solutions that will reduce these symptoms shouldn’t be a problem. This is important, as your vision is checked for standard reading glasses or over-the-counter readers at distances that are far different from the distance from which you usually sit from your computer screen. Eye glasses designed to help you drive or read aren’t properly aligned for computer use and maybe computer appropriate glasses will solve the problem.

Computer eyewear can increase computer worker productivity significantly, fix your blurry vision and it can reduce the severity of the general computer eye strain symptoms by a great deal, so this is a viable option for many people.
Computer Vision Syndrom

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