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  CVS in the Workplace

The importance of computer eye glasses for productivity in the workplace

Recent studies have shown that more and more office employees are suffering from symptoms of computer vision syndrome; including a whole range of ailments and discomforts from nagging headaches and neck aches, constantly blurred vision and eye irritants, etc. This supports the notion that computer eyeglasses can increase worker productivity as it reduces the number of factors distracting the employee from continuous work.

A study conducted in 2003 examined vision of computer users aged 19 to 30 before and while performing tasks that obliged them to read fonts of various sizes on a computer screen.

Researchers timed the tests and recorded the number of mistakes the participants made and then had them answer questions about the vision problems they had experienced. Glasses were randomly assigned- some participants wore non-correcting lenses while others were asked to use their prescribed corrective lenses.

Results showed that even a slightly inaccurate visual prescription can decrease it clarity and productivity enormously. Even when the subject's vision was slightly off and they reported feeling none of the CVS symptoms, productivity was significantly affected- a difference of just 0.5 diopters from the correct lens prescription resulted in an average 9 percent loss in productivity and a 38% decrease in accuracy.
Computer Vision Syndrom

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