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  Computer Vision Syndrom

Computer and eye problems

Today most everyone in the Western world spends on average atleast twice as much time inside rather than outdoors, and with a computerized world, we are spending more and more of that time in front of a computer screen. Nowadays children are also used to spending time at the computer, whether at home or at school. Studies have shown that atleast 143 million Americans work on a computer each day, with 88% of them suffering from computer eyestrain.

Effects of computer vision syndrome

Prolonged exposure to this can strain eyesight and cause other ailments in adults and in children it can literally deteriorate eyesight development. In office employees, this can reduce productivity over the long range, even if in the first few years the employee thinks he/she is seeing clearly. In cases where the correction is only slightly off, the computer user may think he is seeing the screen clearly. If you’re in front of the computer screen more than two hours each day, or if your children are, then awareness of CVS is relevant to you.

Computer eye strain

The symptoms are constant neck and shoulder pains, burning eyes, red eyes, the periodical loss of visual focus and headaches. Exposing your eyes to a computer screen for many hours a day is pure eye exercise- its analogous to the eye muscles being forced to do push-ups for hours and hours. Over time, these push-ups will affect productivity considerably and it will decrease accuracy; causing discomfort
Computer Vision Syndrom

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