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  The Expected Results

Both CRT and accelerated ortho-k can reshape two to three diopters of myopia in two weeks or less, but the best results are seen only after constant use over a period of six months. Eye-care professionals usually aim for 20/20 vision, but 20/40 vision is considered acceptable. You shouldn't expect the results to be immediate in your first fitting and it's important to understand that you may need a series of temporary lenses to see properly until you reach the desired prescription, though the success rate is high, so there is no use in worrying about it the beginning. The FDA examined the statistics on these products in a clinical study that included 205 patients being followed over a nine-month period. The success rate for approval of CRT was of 93% of patients who achieved 20/32 vision or better, and 67% achieved 20/20 or better . The process isn't entirely without repercussions and you eyes may experience some of the possible side-effects. During reshaping you may experience light reflective glare and light halos that will be reduced with time. Over time your eyes will get used to the new contacts and reach the desired prescription, though you will need to wear lenses when you sleep or during part of the day to maintain your prescription.


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