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  Environment and Lifestyle

The influence of environment and lifestyle

Your environment can be greatly influential to your contact lenses and the more time you spend indoors in a constantly air-conditioned office or outside with the smog and pollution from cars, the more likely it will be that you experience some of the repercussions from that. Where you wear your lenses can be just as important as how long you wear them. This also pertains to you personal habits. If you sunbathe while wearing contact lenses, your corneas can swell and make your lenses fit tighter, causing some temporary redness and irritation. It would be best to put some form of lubricating drops in their eyes before tanning. And remember to wear protective glasses to block the really harmful UV radiation from getting to your eyes — it has been linked to cataracts, macular degeneration.

If you swim on a regular basis, it's highly recommend you wear goggles if you wear soft contacts on your eyes. Although not usually a problem, there are all kinds of nasty bugs living in swimming pools (and hot tubs as well). One of these creatures, called acanthameba, can cause horrible pain and damage to your eye, very often necessitating a corneal transplant. And the water can change the way your lenses fit, making them too tight and causing severe eye health problems.

If you smoke, or if you are surrounded by people who smoke, you are at increased risk for dry eye, among other problems. If you work as a carpenter or contractor, you're probably exposed to high levels of dust, debris and other air-born particles that may get caught between your lens and your eye and cause discomfort. You may also experience eye strain or redness if you spend a lot of time on the computer . Women who wear a lot of eye make-up could cause lenses to feel bothersome as well by touching their eyes or lens after using cosmetics, soaps, cleaners or other products.


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