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  Contact Lenses Problems

Common complaints with contact lenses

Many people soon after using contacts have a mild reaction to the chemicals used for cleaning and maintaining them. This is especially true of anyone using over-the-counter contacts that have not been obtained through a professional eye practitioner. It's extremely important that your eye be healthy for your eyes and your contact lenses to function properly together. Your eyes may become red, painful, or swollen. Some people with slightly more dramatic reactions will produce discharge.

If you are experiencing this reaction- stop using the contacts immediately and consult your eye care provider, as these could be signs of a grave problem. Nutrition is an important factor that many people aren't aware of. Your diet comprises the components of your tear film, so if you drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol, or drink too little water, your eyes may be too dry for lens wear. Your doctor may recommend a nutritional supplement or change in diet to improve the quality of your tears. For example, research has found that the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and other fish, as well as flaxseed oil, seem to improve the oily part of tear composition, which discourages evaporation.


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