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SofLens One Day 15 Pk

SofLens One Day 15 Pk Contact Lenses

SofLens One Day 15 Pk contacts
Contact Lens Details:
Lense Type:  Daily Disposable Disposable Contact Lenses
Lenses Manufacturer:  Bausch and lomb
Contacts Available in 0 Powers, .

SofLens One Day 15 Pk

SofLens One Day contact lenses by Bausch & Lomb. These lenses are easy-to-fit, daily disposable, spherical soft lenses manufactured using cast-mold technology. They are designed for use in the correction of myopia and hyperopia.

These contact lenses are available in the following online stores:
  •  Coastal Contacts
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    SofLens One Day 15 Pk Prices:
    Vision Direct-
    Coastal Contacts-
    1800 Contacts$49.95

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