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  How much water?

Another important factor of contact lenses is the percentage of water they contain

Wearing contacts on a day-to-day schedule when they dry out your eyes and reduce visibility is an exercise in self-defeat. Water

There is some confusion about this topic, as some eye-care practitioners will advise you that high water content lenses perform better for those with dry eye, while other specialists believe just the opposite. Some contact lens practitioners find that, in fact, lenses with lower water content can sometimes be better for people who have dry eyes. But some patients actually do better with high-water content lenses. It has long been felt by some practitioners that the thicker the lens, the better, as well.

Contact lenses are made from different plastics and silicones that have different characteristics and while some have more water content than others - all lenses are subject to evaporation while on the eye. In other words, the environment sucks the water out of the lenses. The rate of this happening depends on many factors: humidity, wind, temperature, your health, what medicines you are taking, how much you blink, the care system you use, how clean the lenses are, etc. A few lenses are now available that are made from plastics that resist dehydration and evaporation.

*You could try and alleviate the dry eye condition itself by asking your doctor about the possibility of lacrimal or punctal occlusion, which plugs up the tear drainage system to keep more moisture in your eyes.


Contact Lenses Basics

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