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Biomedics 1 Day

Biomedics 1 Day Contact Lenses

Biomedics 1 Day  contacts
Contact Lens Details:
Lense Type:  Daily Disposable
Lenses Manufacturer:  OSI/American Hydron
Contacts Available in 0 Powers, .

Biomedics 1 Day

Note:  Supplies are limited.  Several powers are no longer available.  If you select a power and get an error after clicking the Add to Basket button, that means that power is no longer available.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Biomedics 1 Day daily disposable contact lenses by OSI/Ocular Sciences. Start each day with a clean, fresh pair of contact lenses. Each box contains 30 visibility tinted daily disposable contact lenses immersed in buffered saline solution.

PLEASE NOTE: These lenses are also known as UltraFlex 1 Day and may be shipped under this name. They are otherwise identical in every respect.

Ocular Sciences, the maker of this lens will often package the Biomedics brand lenses under different private labels.  For your reference, Biomedics/UltraFlex is often packaged as: Aqualens, Aquatech, Clinasoft, Diagnostics, Hydroflex, Hydrovue, Optiflex, Optiform, P Label Disp., Polysoft, Procon, Proflex, Prosite, Sofmed, Softech, Softique, Softmed, Softview, Veraflex Eyemed, Versaflex, Versaflex Eyemed

These contact lenses are available in the following online stores:
  •  LensMart
  •  LensQuest
  •  Vision Direct
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    Biomedics 1 Day Prices:
    Vision Direct$21.25
    Coastal Contacts-
    1800 Contacts-

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