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  Contact Lenses Price Comparison

The following chart displays the current prices of the most popular contact lenses brands. The numbers in bold indicate the cheapest price out of these 3 major stores.

BrandVision DirectCoastal Contacts1800-Contacts
1-Day Acuvue21.9522.8924.95
Acuvue 215.9517.8919.95
Acuvue Bifocal33.9534.8939.95
Acuvue Oasys26.9528.9927.45
Acuvue Toric 59.9559.8969.95
Biomedics 3816.9517.9919.95
Biomedics 5516.9517.8919.95
CibaSoft SoftColors36.9532.8959.95
CibaSoft Visitint22.9525.8932.45
Cooper Clear DW24.9521.9034.95
CSI Daily Wear41.9542.8959.95
Durasoft 3 LiteTint25.9525.8949.95
Edge III ProActive XT29.9517.8926.00
Encore (Vertex)18.9518.8919.95
Encore Toric (Vertex Toric)38.4537.8938.45
Focus Dailies 30 Pk22.9520.9922.45
Focus Dailies 90 Pk38.9538.8944.95
Focus Dailies Progressives 3029.9529.8934.95
Focus Dailies Toric 30 Pk22.9525.8924.95
Focus Monthly SoftColors33.4535.8944.95
Focus Monthly Visitint24.9526.9939.95
Focus Night and Day52.4949.8969.95
Focus Progressives 34.9539.8944.95
Focus Toric40.9542.8969.95
Frequency 3818.9518.8919.95
Frequency 55 Toric 44.9545.8949.95
Freshlook Colorblends29.9531.8934.95
Freshlook Colorblends Toric 51.9551.8954.95
Freshlook Colors29.9531.8934.95
Freshlook Dimensions 29.9531.8934.95
Freshlook One-Day 14.9514.8914.95
Freshlook Radiance29.9528.8934.95
Freshlook Toric40.9540.8949.95
Nike MaxSight47.9559.8949.95
O2 Optix21.9519.9922.45
Optima 38/SP29.9529.8929.95
Optima FW16.9516.8922.00
Optima Toric69.9569.8989.95
Precision UV 21.9521.8922.45
Preference Toric 97.9596.89109.95
Proactive 5529.9529.8959.95
Purevision Multifocal60.9559.8964.95
Purevision Toric54.9559.8954.95
Soflens 5913.9514.9919.95
Soflens 6619.9519.8919.95
Soflens 66 Toric24.9527.8929.95
SofLens Multi-Focal42.9539.8939.95
Surevue 18.9518.8929.95
Zero 422.9524.9929.50
Zero 6 11.9524.9929.50
Average Price33.11133.8940.576
Price Comparison - don't waste your money!

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