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Type of lense to use

  Type of lense to use

Multifocal, single vision or progressive-lens computer eye glasses

The best solution for many people in computer specialized eye glasses is a multifocal lens, which is basically a split screen solution, though single vision lenses are also a good, available and effective solution. Many eye-care professionals are now fitting computer users in a multifocal lens that has a wide transitional zone, which optimizes computer work. You can read computer screen pixels and then switch naturally to reading printed material, without putting too much stress on your eyes.

Another option is a lined trifocal

A larger intermediate zone than regular trifocals which is appropriate only for computer wear. Some people only use a bifocal lens, either with intermediate or near correction, or intermediate and far.

The single vision lens

This lens is designed to optimize your vision at one distance only: near for reading or work at the computer; or far for distance [such as those prescribed for driving]. Your eyes will get worse and your eyesight will deteriorate if you maintain the stress to the eye muscles and do not wear prescription eyeglasses or ease the tension with computer eye glasses.

Progressive lens

A new addition in the world of computer glasses is the progressive lens, which is basically an occupational model of eye wear which has a larger intermediate zone than regular lenses. Regular, single vision computer glasses will allow you to see around the room at an acceptable quality, but you would have to remove them out of the office.

This progressive lens is becoming more and more popular, as it addresses the most problems related to computer exposure. It’s a multifocal lens that corrects near, intermediate and- up to a point- distance vision, but unlike regular multifocal lenses it has no dividing line between each specified lens.
Computer Vision Syndrom

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